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20世紀の初頭、E.J.=ダルクローズから影響を受けた作曲家山田耕筰や、舞踊家石井漠、伊藤道郎もそうであったように、私たちも「身体による音楽空間」「身体のオーケストラ化」「プラスティックアニメ」というE.J.=ダルクローズの芸術理念やダンス様式に魅せられ、1987年にEnsemble Eurhythmicsを発足させました。








Fascinated by the art philosophy and dance style “Music space by the body”“Body to the Orchestra”“Plastique Animee”of E.J.= Dalcroze, equally as composers i.e. Kosaku Yamada, and dancer Baku Ishii, Michio Ito were in the early 20th century, we decided to establish "Ensemble Eurhythmics" in 1987.  


Our members are diverse i.e. musicians, players, composers, and music teachers.  Most of us are graduates who majored in eurhythmics course at KUNITACHI College of Music.



Plastique Animée makes sense when the audience responds to each other and forms an ensemble - as the simple and natural space of sound fuses the contrast of sound, movement & light vs. silence, static & shadow.


We think this is the "rythem" that E.J.=Dalcrose was inspired by Ancient Greece, and the "message" for us in the 21st Century. which we keep in mind during our study of Plastique Animée.

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