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日本各地の大学、小学校教諭、 音楽指導者、児童館職員等の研修会、親子の集い、小学校特別授業などでリトミック、ダンスの講師を務める。


日本音楽教育学会会員、日本ソルフェージュ研究協議会正会員、日本ダルクローズ音楽教育学会会員、日本ジャック=ダルクローズ協会会員、全日本リトミック音楽教育研究会理事、古典舞踏研究会会員、Ensemble Eurhythmics代表。








Born in Kyoto in 1944


Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Kunitachi High School Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music, Division of Music Education (Eurhythmics), Master Course completed


Former Associate Professor at Kunitachi College of Music Former Lecturer  at Tokyo Gakugei University, Ferris University, Daito Bunka University, Tsuru University Former Part-time Lecturer at Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education


Lecturer at Rhythm No Mori Music School


Lecturer at Parent and Child Eurhythmics Lecturer of Workshop, “Perform the Dance Music”


Lecturer of Open Seminar for Ensemble Eurhythmics




Special fields:


Eurhythmics, Plastique Animee; Music Expression of Movement, Traditional Ethnic Dance, Solfege, Music Education, Dance History, Study of Dance


Currently working as a Lecturer of Eurhythmics and Dance at Universities, Special Schools, Parent and Child Gathering, Special Elementary School classes, Teachers’ Institutes for Elementary School Teachers, Music Teachers and Children’s House Staffs throughout Japan


Member of Japan Music Education Society, Regular Member of Solfege studies conference Japan, Member of The Japanese Society for Dalcroze-Eurhythmics and Music Education, Member of Jaques-Dalcroze Society of Japan, Director of The Japanese Society for Eurhythmics and Music Education, Member of Historical dance Society, President of Ensemble Eurhythmics




Ear Training Program for Children; Action Rhymes Around the World, Tokai TV Basic Documentation of Music Study, Oozorasha Co. Ltd.


Present of Eurhythmics Study, Kaisei Publishing Co. Ltd.


Present of Eurhythmics Practice, Kaisei Publishing Co. Ltd.


and others




Stage Performances:


Many Works of Plastique Animee in Tokyo and Geneve, Recent Performances of Collaborations with Piano Works and Bianzhong Works, Many Acts in Renaissance and Baroque Performances Lecturer of Workshop in La Folle Journee au Japon 2009 “Let’s Dance with Bach”

中館 栄子


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